Terrible Twos

Yesterday was my daughter’s second birthday and, as one does, I decided to kill some time by checking her development against a series of online checklists. I recognize that this is not unlike my obsessive drunken readings of countless, “Are YOU an alcoholic?” articles that I used to do, cocooned in my office with aContinue reading “Terrible Twos”

And the earth was chaotic and void

I’ve started quite a few projects, since the start of the year, that have a reading-a-day element to them, not the least ambitious of which is beginning the practice of Daf Yomi, or a page-daily Talmud study that begins again every 7 and a half years. Just projecting myself 7 years into the future makesContinue reading “And the earth was chaotic and void”

On Jews and Drinking

One of my favorite Jewish heroes of old is Judith, and though there are many versions of her tale, I’ve been thinking a lot about the Hanukkah version.  Today is the last day of the eight days, and they’ve been filled with ritual, pageantry, and yes, stories.  Its struck me on this reading, though, howContinue reading “On Jews and Drinking”


Will I ever get through a counseling session without thinking how bad I need a drink? Even after all of the work I did this morning, still making myself vulnerable feels awful and wrong. Funnily enough that’s the big topic that came to light, today, as we spoke about the successes and failures of theContinue reading “Vulnerability”

Why Now?

I mentioned the other day that my next assignment for IOP is a three-page essay entitled, “Why Now?” in which I have to write out my reasons for stopping, and what it might look like if I don’t. I woke up feeling good, today, house quiet with sleep, and thought I’d give it a shot,Continue reading “Why Now?”

Bonus #16

Was still feeling restless after I posted earlier, so I ran upstairs and pulled out the clippers.  A shave and haircut later I was kicking myself for not doing it before holiday dinners.  Sometimes you feel like shit because you look like shit, there’s just no way around it.  “I like your hair; you lookContinue reading “Bonus #16”

Things Normal People do Sober

I think it surprises a lot of people that you don’t just wake up feeling like roses once you decide to cut back on the booze.  If I hadn’t done this so many times before then I might be pretty upset at the three days I’ve spent in bed this week, at the splotchy messContinue reading “Things Normal People do Sober”

A Site is Born

We left our dashing hero at bit of a crossroads, yesterday, didn’t we? I, for one, had no idea how the story would play out. I felt a little restless, messed about in a few projects, and then decided that I was going to sit back down with WordPress and finally figure out how toContinue reading “A Site is Born”

Home Alone

Wait a minute, hear that? Neither do I, because somehow fate has conspired to gift me a day where the wife and all four kids are at various holiday parties and events. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my family. 99% of the things I do on a daily basis are in service toContinue reading “Home Alone”

An Unlikely Day Eight, or: Welcome to Week Two

I’ve heard it said that no one ever regretted not drinking, the next morning, and just assumed it was one of those obnoxiously cutesy AA needlepoint sayings like let go and let god, or keep coming back! But I woke up feeling like shit today and was, not-so-surprisingly I guess, glad that I didn’t have a hangover on top of itContinue reading “An Unlikely Day Eight, or: Welcome to Week Two”