Writing Sober is a reckoning with addiction meant to educate and inspire others who may be struggling to maintain sobriety (or know someone who is). It is a home for the lonely, a beacon for the lost, and an attempt to find a meaningful narrative within the seemingly nonsensical decisions that we addicts make.

This blog is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice. Please quit responsibly.

Shit Writers Say

I don’t think I’ve ever drunk champagne before breakfast before. With breakfast on several occasions, but never before before.

Truman Capote

I like to have a martini,/ Two at the very most./ After three I’m under the table,/ after four I’m under my host.

Dorothy Parker

I’m an occasional drinker, the kind of guy who goes out for a beer and wakes up in Singapore with a full beard.

Raymond Chandler

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